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2020 will be the year of the 'Great Data Reckoning', the tipping point in the world when it comes to data overabundance, according too a new report looking into global marketing changes.

2020 Change Report: The year of the 'Great Data Reckoning'

Kin + Carta, the global consulting firm, has launched its 2020 Change report: Trends, Technology and The World in Progress. The report covers nine themes across three categories: new opportunities, new tools, and advancing change.

This year’s themes include The Great Data Reckoning, which sheds light on the tipping point we’ve reached in the world when it comes to data overabundance, New Brand Battlegrounds, on how brands must recalibrate how they compete for engagement moving forward, and Put Up or Shut Up, which covers the mandate for all businesses in 2020: Show, don't tell what you believe in.

“While everyone talks about the unprecedented rate of change in our world, we believe it’s critical to look beyond the headlines to understand the tectonic forces driving those changes,” said Dan Ptak, VP of Marketing at Kin + Carta. “More than mere trends or fads, we believe the nine themes of this year’s report will impact business and humanity for years to come.”

Since 2016, Kin + Carta has put out an annual trends report identifying changes in the world and their impact on the enterprise (The Report was previously published under the Solstice brand). This year’s report addresses the ways in which businesses will continue to harness these changes to create progress of their own, adapt to new customer expectations, leverage emerging technologies, and how leaders across industries are advancing their own transformation agendas.

Executives interested in learning more about the report will be able to attend one of the 2020 Trends Report Executives Briefings, taking place in March in Chicago, New York City and London. Sponsored by Google Cloud, the Chicago event will bring together over 100 cross-functional and cross-industry enterprise executives for TED-style talks, a panel discussion, and a networking happy hour.

The 2020 Change Report: Trends, Technology and The World in Progress can be downloaded for free here.

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