4 last-minute affiliate marketing tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, but that doesn't mean it’s too late to fine tune your affiliate campaign to maximise sales on the big day. Virginia Rizzi is a Performance Marketing Manager at digital marketing agency Glass Digital, and has overseen countless seasonal affiliate campaigns for a whole host of major national clients. Here, she shows us how to build a great last-minute affiliate campaign.

Third of online retailers ‘not ready for the Golden Quarter’

A survey of 1,325 UK marketing professionals carried out by leading digital marketing agency, Marketingsignals.com, revealed that almost a third of online retailers (32%) admit their website is not yet ready for the uplift in golden quarter traffic as we head towards Christmas.

8 Tips for generating leads through Facebook

Generating leads through Facebook is a sure-fire way to increase sales and show off your social media skills to your managers. Here, digital marketing agency - Hallam, looks at the 8 ways in which you can boost your lead generation expertise through Facebook.