The majority of consumers in Germany, France, Italy and the UK don’t think that their sentiment toward the brand is unchanged when appearing near Coronavirus content, according to a new study looking into c=media consumption trends across Europe.

Most Europeans don’t think brands are damaged appearing next to COVID-19 news

The research, from the Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) COVID-19 Ad Adjacency Insights for April 2020, explores the balance advertisers and publishers must now strike between consumer behaviour and consumer perception, this data is shared as the second wave of the study.

Key findings:

• Not all COVID-19 stories are damaging for your brand
• Refining brand suitability strategies and employing a multi layered approach is the solution
• It is so important, if you are using a domain or keyword list for editorial control, to refresh it often and upgrade keyword URL blocking to page-level analysis that takes into account context, semantics, sentiment and emotion of content

IAS has run its second wave of rapid response online surveys to determine consumer perceptions concerning coronavirus content. This insight provides context for marketers looking to understand if and how consumers are changing their online content consumption habits, and what brands need to know on a month-by-month basis.

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