One-third of US advertisers have cancelled at least one campaign before it started in response to the pandemic, according to new research.

Nearly half of all US advertisers have stopped campaigns already in progress due Coronavirus

A new survey from Advertiser Perceptions shows that 45% of respondents pulled a campaign already in progress, while 49 % delayed a campaign until later in the year.

Advertiser Perceptions, a research group that regularly polls media decision-makers, conducted interviews with 203 marketer and agency representatives for the survey, which was conducted March 17-20.

Key findings:

• 81 percent of respondents expect to cut ad budgets significantly this year, and 68 percent expect to spend less next year because of the pandemic.
• 41 percent have decreased broadcast TV advertising, while 38 percent have slashed cable buys.
• 48 percent are upping spending with Facebook, while 21 percent are taking it down.
• 37 percent will increase spending on Google, while 14 percent are decreasing it.

Read the full report here

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