Google marked the 20 year anniversary of Google Search last week to honour the work of the brightest and best search strategists in the industry.

A new series of short films ‘Search like a G’ starring internet entrepreneur Chabuddy G of BBC Two’s People Just Do Nothing, was premiered at the event.

It gave recognition to paid search marketing experts behind the magic and science of search - known as the “Searchies” - with 20 Searchies celebrated on the night. The highlighted Searchies were chosen by peer nomination in the industry.

The Google Search Party was also celebrating two decades of search, which remains an indispensable tool for consumers and businesses alike. A recent report by Public First found that the economic activity in the UK generated by businesses using Google Search and Google Ads adds up to an estimated £55 billion.

Ronan Harris, Vice President & MD UK & Ireland at Google commented: “Twenty years on from the birth of Google Search, life without it is unimaginable for consumers and businesses. It continues to play a vital role in connecting brands with their audiences and driving tangible business growth.

“The unsung heroes behind the success of Google Ads are the search strategists across the industry whose expertise and hard work demonstrates how valuable search can be for businesses when used to its full potential. Search wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without the brilliant minds of Searchies who know how to use the program to drive business and advertising growth. We celebrate those people today and the huge contribution they make to the UK advertising and marketing industries.”

The Hall of Fame Searchies are below:

  • Daniel Wilkinson, Global Head of Paid Media, JellyFish
  • Kudzai Mubaiwa, Head of PPC, Blue 449
  • Wajid Ali, Head of Paid Search, Forward3D
  • Alex Hyndman, Search Director, MG OMD
  • Martin Reed, PPC Account Director, Croud
  • Sophie Newton, COO, Brainlabs
  • Jocelyn Le Conte, Head of Paid Search, Merkle | Periscopix
  • Hazell Lat, Search Planner / Buyer, MediaCom
  • Daniel Roberts, Account Director, IProspect
  • Rafi Adler, Senior Marketing Specialist, PPC, BookingGo
  • Soraya Gofti, Head of EMEA SEM,
  • Juan Perez, Head of PPC, Hostelworld
  • Chris Taylor, Marketing Operations Manager, Bet 365
  • Manuel Barbero , Head of Paid Search, IG
  • Martin Soule, Performance Business Director, Performics
  • Andrea Rocca, Paid Search Technologist, RS Components
  • Mark Evans, PPC Lead, Shop Direct
  • Kate May, Online Marketing Manager, Next
  • Josh Grindley, Senior Search PPC Executive, Total Jobs
  • Christoph Meirose, Director of Customer Acquisition, Farfetch

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