Apple has released its latest operating system, iOS12 , featuring Intelligent Tracking Prevention, a placed on customer trust in a climate of fears around data.

Apple promises the new update will be faster, smoother and more responsive. The company has also made improvements to its augmented reality, including improved face tracking, 3D object detection, and an AR tape which measures surfaces just by pointing your camera at it.

Apple bosses Tim Cook and Phil Schiller said that it would make Apple devices ‘even faster, more responsive, and more delightful’. It promised up to 70% faster swipe to camera, 50% faster keyboard display and apps under a heavy workload to launch up to twice as quickly.

Augmented emojis will also see an upgrade with the introduction of Memojis, in addition to new AR emojis which you can customise to look just like you.

A new feature called Screen Time will help you understand how much time you’re using your device as well as help you cut down on bad habits.

It will give you reports on what you’re doing on your phone, allow you to set app limits, and reminders of when an app allowance is running out.

Meanwhile, new parental controls will help parents limit children's screen time, block specific apps and allow them to use the ones you approve.

Ian Woolley, Chief Revenue Officer at Ensighten. commented on the move: "In Apple's new iOS12 update, one inclusion to note is the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0. This is a clear sign of intent from Apple that customer trust is vital in the current data-sharing climate.

"By removing the 24-hour cookie window and only allowing their users to be tracked once they have interacted with content (be it commenting or watching a video as opposed to the tactic of dropping a cookie on a user simply scrolling past tracked content), Apple have made it clear that managing – and in some cases limiting – third-party trackers is in Safari users’ best interests.

"As a result of recent events straining customers’ trust in online platforms, businesses have started taking measures to protect customer data and ensure that trust in the brand is safeguarded. ITP 2.0 is a very clear example of action being taken by a tech super-power, highlighting the importance of customer trust.  By also implementing a new consent system for cookie tracking, Apple has recognised that control and transparency are key components in maintaining this relationship. This could be a blow to traditional data-hungry marketers who do not address their strategy to enable a more customer respectful model.”




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